Wednesday, May 8, 2013


In my Travels around the World, 
i had the Privilege to be guest in many different cultures.
In many of which i lived more then a year made Friend and
was often treated as a Member of extended Family.

On the First Glance I enjoy the diversity of the worlds cultures
and the deep and old Traditions that people carry on from
one generation to the next.
though Under need all there colorful differences, i find one seamless
threat that connect's all of Humanity into one Universal Brotherhood.
This threat is the Most fundamental Human Nature that all human's
seem to have in common. This quality's that i found in all Cultures i have lived
in are:
Chastity--  purity in conduct and intention, restraint and simplicity.
Charity -- the key of charity and love immortal.
Uprightness -- the key of harmony in word and act.
Forbearance -- patience sweet, that nought can ruffle.
Dispassion -- indifference to pleasure and to pain.
Dauntlessness -- the dauntless energy that fights its way to the supernal truth.
Contemplation -- abidance in spiritual Nature and mystical awareness of God's being.
Kindness and Humility.

Though this quality's are present
i have not yet come across a Culture that has not also
the other human qualities of Lust, Greed, Sloth,Wrath,Envy and Pride 
to  a great or lesser extent present in there members.This Negative qualities if ungoverned give rise to crimes
and Wars. to Govern this Negative emotions is usually the purpose of Religion (Which
Saint Augustine tells us comes from Re-ligare."to reconnect,") However each and every Culture expressed and deals with this, in its very own and Interesting ways.
Though but i really found this emotions where present
in all Cultures at all times.

One of the Wisdoms i learned from my grandmother (may hear Blessed Soul rest in peace)is thus;
"where ever there are People it smells like People ."

Just a month ago i was Visiting a Tribe here in the Philippines
yes, i must admit i did not live very long with them, just about one week.
and this time was certainly not enough to make deeper bond's with them
though for one thing to see, it was enough time.
There Condition is Far from the Romantic idea's that we have very often in mind
when we think of Tribal Culture.
There Live expectancy is very short,  Child mortality is very very high,
there live is Hard.

Our Longing for a perfect state of existence might be the Longing
our Heavenly Father has planted in our heart's so that we will
never forget the state of our Original Nature and the Kingdom that
is in store for the upright ones.
I do  hope that this Longing in us will never die and  we will ever continuo to strive ,hope , pray and work for the 
Kingdom of peace and Charity right here among us.